Solutions for Data Centers

Data centers are a significant part of the IT budget. Design, install and maintain your data center has never been more important. Spurred critical applications, data are now created, handled and stored with explosive speed. More »

Solutions from one end PANDUIT

Aquanur Powerindo partner PANDUIT provides a complete solution for end network management, security, availability and accessibility are key factors affecting the design and operation of a data center. More »

The Panduit Solution

Is a public limited liability company, which features among its members diverse skills in distribution, counseling and sense of service. Became partner PANDUIT since June 2012, a brand well known for its quality More »

Fiber Wiring Systems

A complete fiber solution is not only a nomenclature. PANDUIT is a global leader that provides complete solutions with advantages over traditional fiber manufacturers. These benefits include excellent design BEYOND THE GLASS More »

Quality Wiring

The performance of a computer and telephone network depends on the quality of the cable is used. As to achieve Gigabit PANDUIT has established a high quality copper exceeding international standards. More »


Welcome to Aquanur Powerindo

As we all know that we are now in the era Globalization. Realization effects of globalization are really important to business. It raises competition among businesses, increase the qualified and potential workers, but at the same globalization result shortage of natural resources.

A good business is the one that be able to overcome those problem as well as to maximize potential advantage that globalization offers, and that is actually what PT. AQUANUR POWERINDO doing in business.
Our scopes of operations are :

1. Network and Communication Cabling
– Solution for Cooper and Fiber Cabling
– End-to-End Solutions for Data Center nd Telecommunication Room
2. Security System
– Access Control
3. Mechanical Electrical

In conducting our business, we are surrounded by fully trained experts and highly credible workers with full responsibility, trusted and customer satisfaction is what we always aim.

These reasons made PT. AQUANUR POWERINDO have now been recognized with and excellent and most demanded business service provider.